Snipes eyes new ‘Styles’ film

Game 'Julius Styles: The International' to be followed by movie

Wesley Snipes may be behind bars, but he’s still active in the entertainment world.

Thesp is collaborating and starring in an action game for the iPhone and iPad titled “Julius Styles: The International.” He stars as a global facilitator in a world of money, power, sex and murder that combines action with a puzzle-based format.

“This project was inspired by my desire to bring my ‘Art of War,’ ‘Murder at 1600’ and ‘Passenger 57’ characters into the game world,” Snipes said. ” ‘Julius Styles’ will offer something for both the mind-game strategist and the kick-ass, special-ops warrior lover.”

Game, which is set for a June release exclusively as an application in the Mac AppStore, will later expand to Xbox Live, PlayStation, WiiWare and the Android Market at a date yet to be announced.

Finland’s Lapland Studios is producing the game alongside Blighty’s Elstree Studio Prods. and Red 27 Films. Snipes was also involved in production through his Maandi Media Entertainment.

Snipes and the creators said they also plan to make a feature film based on the game, to star Snipes, after his release from prison for tax evasion, set for summer 2013.

Warren Derosa, co-CEO of Elstree Studios Prods., said the shingle had been engaged with Snipes for the past year developing the content and idea behind the game. He said the concept marked a “reverse engineering of a brand,” with the intention of creating the brand by the time the movie goes into production.

“We know (Snipes’) current situation,” said Derosa. “We did extensive meetings and conference calls and have gone into such details about the character in the run up to this that all the ground work for the game has been done. There is absolutely a film in mind for a few years from now and it will be one of the first movies Wesley does after his release.”