Sibling stories at ‘Brother’ premiere

Paul Rudd, Jesse Peretz reveal rivalry tales

Sibling rivalries were renewed at Monday’s premiere of the Weinstein Co.’s “Our Idiot Brother” at the MiMA Tower in Gotham.

“I engaged in basic older brother torture and bullying,” admitted Paul Rudd before hanging his head in shame. “I was too rough…I would always push her over. One time I even made her lick the bottom of my shoes. I was horrible.”

Jesse Peretz, who once played guitar for the Lemonheads, only needed to peek over his right shoulder to reflect on previous sins.

“When I was really small I would pee in my sister’s bed…then pat it down and tell her to go in it,” the helmer recalled.

“Are you serious?” co-writer Evgenia Peretz asked moments later. “I had no idea.”

The unlikely threesome of Steve Coogan, Gabourey Sidibe and Richard Belzer, accompanied by his adorable pooch Bebe, enjoyed a laugh-filled conversation on the red carpet before Coogan broke away to tell a few lovely childhood memories.

“I told my little brother all the time he was adopted,” joked Coogan, who plays a real bastard in the film. “That really was twisted. I told him our parents were trying to keep it a secret. Pure evil!”

Guests headed out to the Lawn for an intimate screening at what resembled a mini drive-in theater and a bubbly afterparty that drowned out the noise from the traffic-filled streets below.

Kirsten Dunst and Courtney Love sipped Grey Goose drinks and congratulated Rudd on successfully playing a lovable hippie burnout.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl Irina Shayk kicked back on a wicker couch with friends as Olivia Palermo and former New York Giants star Tiki Barber got acquainted.

Rudd, who was bummed that co-stars Elizabeth Banks and Zooey Deschanel couldn’t attend, began to beam when he spotted his “Clueless” co-star Alicia Silverstone. They shared a big hug and chatted.

“This means a lot to me that Alicia’s here,” gushed Rudd. “She’s one of my oldest and dearest friends. This made my night.”