Serner to lead Swedish Film Institute

Bengt Toll to become deputy chief exec

LONDON — Anna Serner, the head of the Swedish Media Publisher’s Association, has been appointed CEO at the Swedish Film Institute.

Serner, who is former head of the Advertising Association of Sweden, has served as an expert on various Swedish government commissions, including one on copyright last year.

She replaces Cissi Elwin Frenkel, who is taking on the role of CEO and director of Chef magazine.

The institute’s acting CEO Bengt Toll will remain in post until Serner takes over in October, when he will step down to become vice CEO and Serner’s deputy.

Serner said: “For me, film is one of the most important aspects of our culture, and I look forward to being involved in strengthening its role in the arts, in society and ultimately in democracy itself. It’s not enough to try to ensure that good films get made; we need to make our voices heard across the spectrum of public opinion.”