SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment has set a June 24 launch for “Turtle: The Incredible Journey,” a documentary directed by National Geographic Explorer’s Nick Stringer.

The film will be distributed in partnership with Hannover House by SeaWorld’s newly formed SeaWorld Pictures division in New York, Los Angeles and theaters near three primary SeaWorld locations in San Diego, San Antonio and Orlando. Expansion plans call for the release of the film to additional theaters and cities throughout July and August, with a target of more than 200 locations.

“Turtle: The Incredible Journey” follows the life and migration of a loggerhead turtle from hatching to maturity and a return to its original Florida nesting grounds. The loggerhead turtle, a critically endangered species, has one of the longest and most difficult migratory patterns of any marine animal by hatching on the East Coast of the United States and beginnign a voyage that spans the entire Atlantic Ocean, only to return from where they came.

Stringer’s documentary team follows the loggerhead turtle on an adventure of more than 9,000 miles. The film is narrated by Miranda Richardson, and will be released to theaters in both standard theatrical formats as well as 3D in selected locations.