Sundance docu “Crime After Crime” has been dated for an exclusive theatrical run in New York and L.A. beginning in early July, followed by a limited domestic rollout via former ThinkFilm exec Michael Tuckman’s mTuckman media banner.

Docu also will air in the fall on Oprah Winfrey cabler OWN as part of its Documentary Film Club. OWN bought the TV rights to the film during this year’s fest.

Producer-director Yoav Potash plans to partner with mTuckman on the theatrical release; Film Presence will handle a community outreach initiative aimed at involving various nonprofit abuse, legal aid and film orgs.

“Crime” centers on a legal battle to set free Debbie Peagler, an incarcerated survivor of domestic violence, who was imprisoned for her connection to the murder of her abusive boyfriend. Docu recently won honors at the San Francisco Film Festival and will screen at the L.A. Film Festival on June 25.

“There is something contagious about this film, something that makes people strongly urge their friends and family to see it,” Potash said.Docu’s theatrical run will start at Gotham’s IFC Center on July 1, followed by the film’s L.A. engagement on July 8.