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Riley didn’t have to look far when he was searching for a quarry setting in Atlanta for a scene in “The Walking Dead.” The Georgia native and veteran location scout just remembered a place from his childhood and it turned out to be perfect in more ways than he anticipated. Not only was the setting only 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta but the ground was also raised enough so that it gave an excellent shot of downtown in the background.
“Most people don’t think of Atlanta that way but you can find whatever you need almost within a few minutes of downtown,” says Riley.

Morgan worked on horror film “The Crazies” as well as the suburban comedy “Hall Pass” in Georgia. The experienced location scout and manager found it easy to spot the rural and neighborhood locations that the producers wanted for those films. That’s not unusual for Morgan in the Peach State. She’s been able to match almost any area she’s needed near Atlanta.
“This is a city with plenty of history but we’re also modern so there’s a lot to choose from within a 20- to 30-minute radius of downtown,” she says.

When looking for warehouse interiors for “Fast Five,” Bielowicz found plenty to choose from in downtown Atlanta. There were many other practical advantages to bringing the shoot to Georgia. The state’s film office had plenty of experience and an up-to-date photo library that helped with research. And the producers easily tapped into Georgia’s plentiful film-industry infrastructure to and copious local crew base.
“This is a state with lots of experience with the film industry but there’s also excitement,” says Bielowicz. “People are still happy to see a film shooting in their neighborhood.”

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