Schwarzenegger ready to ‘Cry Macho’

Governator still up in the air about his first post-office project

Arnold Schwarzenegger has verbally committed to star in the indie drama “Cry Macho” — but he hasn’t decided whether it’ll be his first film after leaving the governor’s office.

“Gov. Schwarzenegger has not made a decision about what his first movie project will be,” his spokesman told Variety on Friday. “There are a number of possibilities, but as of right now, no decision has been made.”

“The Godfather” producer Al Ruddy is behind the long-gestating project, based on the 1975 novel by late author N. Richard Nash, who adapted the screenplay before his 2000 death. Brad Furman (“The Lincoln Lawyer”) is attached to direct; Bill Block’s QED Intl. is also involved as a producer and co-financier.

“Cry Macho” would find Schwarzenegger playing an alcoholic horse trainer who becomes a pawn in an international kidnapping plot after losing his wife and child. Forced to work for a hedge fund magnate, he’s told to retrieve the man’s mischievous young son, who is living with his wealthy ex-wife in Mexico.

Schwarzenegger has given Ruddy and the rest of the “Cry Macho” team the go-ahead to use his participation as part of their pitch as they put financing together. Ruddy and Block will raise coin on the Croisette at Cannes, with the hope of going into production later this summer.

All sides are working together, but Schwarzenegger has not signed an official letter of attachment to either “Cry Macho” or Lionsgate’s “Last Stand,” another project Schwarzenegger has been considering.

In any case, it seems Summit’s Antoine Fuqua-directed thriller “The Tomb” is no longer in the picture.

And in recent days, Schwarzenegger has become part of a “Terminator” package being shopped to studios by his reps at CAA that has “Fast Five” helmer Justin Lin attached to direct. This comes on the heels of Schwarzenegger announcing a 52-episode children’s animated TV series “The Governator” in the works that will be produced by comicbook biz legend Stan Lee and Andy Heyward.

The future looks bright for Schwarzenegger, but it remains unclear which picture he’ll first appear in.