Sam Holland never dreamed of attending the Academy Awards. To hear him tell it, his entire acting career came about by chance.

“It was something I’d always enjoyed doing as a kid in school plays, and then I just ended up falling into it,” says the 19-year-old Brit.

The role that landed Holland a seat at the Kodak was that of a terminally ill teenager who wishes to lose his virginity before he dies in Ian Barnes’ “Wish 143,” one of 2010’s five Oscar-nominated live-action shorts.

“It was very intense,” he says of the film. “We shot in about four days, and I was pretty much in every scene.”

Though Holland is now completing an English degree, he still finds time for acting, appearing in guest spots on such British skeins as “Shameless” and “The Body Farm.”

“I definitely want to continue to pursue acting when I’m done,” he says. “School is just another string to my bow, so to speak. It gives me an opportunity to write my own stuff, which is an area I’m interested in. And it also just keeps me sane when I’m out of work acting-wise.”