Puerto Rico’s private and public film sectors have banded together to create a united, one-stop shop to promote local and international productions on the island, which they are launching at the AFM.

Reps in Santa Monica include co-chairs entertainment lawyer Antonio Sifre and producer Luillo Ruizm unit production manager Rosi Acosta, Film commissioner Mariella Perez Serrano and Puerto Rico’s assistant secretary of commerce, Carlos F. Amy.

The Puerto Rico Industry Cluster, led by executive director Glorimar Marrero Sanchez, is reeling in the co-operation of hotels, city halls, museums and ancillary services. Among its key goals is to organize workshops for aspiring film students and helmers as well as beef up Puerto Rico’s presence at film and TV markets and fests.

The initiative comes on the heels of a newly expanded film law that expands the existing 40% tax credit on local expenses of film and TV projects to include commercials, music videos, live performances and non-fiction TV programs. Law also introduced a new 20% tax credit for non-resident on-screen talent.

“We have seen an increase in inquiries and applications, especially TV commercials,” said Perez Serrano who hinted that a major studio pic is set to film on the island.

“We are starting to get inquiries for locations aside from beaches,” said Amy, who expects to announce the construction of major sound stages in the coming months.