At Saturday night’s Producers Guild of America Awards, host Judd Apatow came out swinging with Ricky Gervais barbs.

“I thought he was mean,” said Apatow. “He just lost weight. … If you have time to work on your body, you don’t have time to work on your jokes.”

He continued to detail Gervais’ worst, criticizing him for disparaging Tim Allen when compared with Tom Hanks. “We all look like shit standing next to Tom Hanks. Warren Buffett looks like shit standing next to Tom Hanks.”

The Beverly Hilton event feted the year’s top producers like Apatow, who said people often ask him, “Who do you have to blow in this town to get a job?’ And I would say, ‘Us.'”

Aziz Ansari, seeing his opportunity in a room of full of producers, pitched himself for work, saying he’s “one man — any nationality.” In “The Social Network,” Ansari joked, “I played Andrew Garfield’s Asian girlfriend.”

When asked if he likes acting or producing better, presenter Mark Wahlberg said, “I just like sitting here and listening to people go on and on and on. … I think that is the greatest part about producing. You tell me how great I am. Then I tell you how great you are.”

Apatow joked that Scott Rudin’s David O. Selznick Award should be made “out of Nerf material, so when he throws it at his assistant, nobody gets hurt.”