Morgan Spurlock hasn’t sold out, he’s bought in.

The director of “POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” presided over Wednesday’s Arclight preem in “the greatest suit ever worn,” courtesy of Ted Baker and emblazoned with logos of the companies featured in the doc. Guests munched on snacks passed out by JetBlue flight attendants and took photos with Old Navy spokesmodels in dresses made of flip-flops while Spurlock trotted out Tom Tom, the Mane ‘n Tail spokeshorse, who promptly took to nibbling on his handler’s scarf, shirt and anything within reach.

Sony Pictures Classics’ Michael Barker thanked each of the 22 promotional partners by name, pausing for wild applause by all the sponsors in the audience, and Spurlock invited everyone for POMtinis at the Supper Club afterparty. Trident hosted an oxygen bar and massage chairs. “What do those have to do with gum?” a guest asked.

“Morgan is such a genial commentator on American culture,” Barker said.

Would Sony Classics ever pursue more product placement, say, for a Woody Allen film? “We let our filmmakers make those decisions,” Barker said.

Spurlock seemed game for more product placement, encouraging guests to get the word out and make the first “docbuster.” “Then they’ll have to greenlight the sequel,” he said.

OK Go played four songs, including the theme song written for the film, “The Greatest Song You Ever Heard.” Spurlock sang and danced along and sipped champagne — with no POM Wonderful added.