LONDON — Poland’s 36th Gydnia Film Festival has announced its 12-pic competition lineup.

Michal Chacinski, the fest’s new artistic director — well known in Poland as a film critic and TV personality — said the 12 films reflected the renewed vigour of the local biz.

“The films are in the first league of Polish cinema and can be shown to audiences all over the world,” Chacinski said.

“They perfectly represent Polish cinema and prove that we’re having a very good year. We can tell that our creators speak with many voices, create their own worlds and employ various narrative techniques.”

He added that changes to the way films are selected for competition had strengthened the slate for the Golden Lions competition program.

“We chose only the intriguing films that provoke discussion and make us wonder,” Chacinski said.

The line up is: “Black Thursday” (directed by Antoni Krauze); “Daas” (Adrian Panek); “Essential Killing” (Jerzy Skolimowski); “Italians” (Lukasz Barczyk); “My Name is Ki” (Leszek Dawid); “The Mole” (Rafael Lewandowski); “Fear of Falling” (Bartek Konopka); “The Mill and the Cross” (Lech Majewski); “Rosa” (Wojciech Smarzowski); “Suicide Room” (Jan Komasa); “In the Name of the Devil” (Barbara Sass-Zdort) and “The Courage” (Greg Zglinski).

Gydnia runs June 6-11,