Mother’s Day isn’t your average Sunday at the box office.

This past weekend’s femme-driven counterprogramming pair, “Jumping the Broom” and “Something Borrowed,” are proof enough of that: Both pics saw sizable improvements on weekend estimates — up 12% and 6%, respectively — thanks to better-than-average Mother’s Day perfs.

Sony’s “Jumping the Broom,” having scored an A CinemaScore rating, took in a revised $15.3 mil-lion for the weekend vs. the studio’s estimated $13.7 million. “Something Borrowed” up with $13.9 million through Sunday after Warner Bros. had estimated $13.2 million.

Both films improved considerably on Mother’s Day, primarily due to heavy traffic from mother-daughter duos. “Broom” was up 36% that day compared to Sony’s original Sunday estimates; “Borrowed” improved by 24%.

Mother’s Day has become a significant counterprogramming opportunity for studios since that weekend typically has at least one major tentpole bowing.

Last year, the biggest beneficiary was Focus Features’ docu “Babies,” which took in almost twice as much on Sunday vs. Saturday — and that was with “Iron Man 2” entering the market. This year’s “Borrowed”-“Broom” pair went up against “Thor,” which tallied just less than 1% below its estimated weekend take with a revised $65.7 million debut.

According to Warners, the improved “Borrowed” take on Mother’s Day came from better-than-usual upticks throughout most of California. Los Angeles, the film’s top market, was up 15%, while San Francisco was up even more — a whopping 26%. The L.A. jump, at least, could be attributable to Sunday’s Lakers game, with some mothers and daughters leaving dad at home to visit the plexes.

Meanwhile, “Jumping the Broom” also scored more than its share of women on Sunday (the film’s best day) but had additional support from ethnic auds.

The debut pair outgrossed Sunday’s perf for nearly every comparable title, especially those released on Mother’s Day. Warners compared “Borrowed” — down 13% from Saturday to Sunday — to films like 2008’s “What Happens in Vegas,” which slipped 27% on Mother’s Day from the previous day’s results.

Sony had a tougher time calling its “Broom” estimates, as there aren’t any comparable titles to the film also released on Mother’s Day weekend.