Pereda gears up for ‘Greatest Hits’

Project features at Gijon's Puentes

GIJON, Spain — Mexico City-based Interior 13 Cine is producing tragic comedy “Greatest Hits,” helmed by Mexican Nicolas Pereda, whose “Summer of Goliath” topped Venice Horizons in 2010.

Interior 13 Cine, which produced Yulene Olaizola’s Tribeca fest player “Artificial Paradises,” will co-produce with Colombia’s Burning Blue, run by Diana Bustamante and Jorge Ferrero.

Holland’s Hubert Bals Fund co-finances and has distribution rights for Benelux.

“Hits” toplines Gabino Rodriguez, the star of all Pereda’s features, and another Pereda regular, Teresa Sanchez . It turns on a mother and street bootlegger son whose harmony is shattered by the return of the long absent father.

According to Pereda, he grew up in a Mexican society where many men desert their families either out of need or sheer irresponsibility. The father figure is absent in many of his films. In “Hits,” he pictures the father’s return.

Pereda’s fifth feature, “Hits” rolls in three weeks, Interior 13 co-head Maximiliano Cruz said at Spain’s Gijon festival, where “Hits” features in Puentes, a select Europe-Latin America co-production forum.

Gijon’s main industry event, Puentes is organized by the Media Program’s Eave, a training initiative for new producers, and the Buenos Aires Festival of Independent Film’s Buenos Aires Lab.

It boasts an attractive bevy of projects, some from name directors, shingles or producers, at least for cognoscenti of Latin American film.

Chile’s Forastero, producers of Golden Globe-nominated “The Maid,” is a moving woman-in-crisis drama “I’m Sorry Mum,” to be helmed by Sebastian Lelio (“The Year of the Tiger”).

Sara Silveira’s Dezenove Som e Imagens is co-producing “Rosa F.C.” helmed by Michael Wahrmann and set in the immigrant neighborhood of Sao Paulo.

Ex-Wild Bunch exec Lucie Kalmar is producing Niles Atallah’s “Rey”; and Buenos Aires’ Utopica Cine, producers of “Las Acacias,” is backing Fernando Salem’s “How Most Things Work,” a feel-good comedic road movie with a pop-art aesthetic.

Utopica is fielding multiple European co-production offers, “Things” producer Paula Massa said at Gijon.

Puentes experts include UDI’s Frederic Corvez (“The Colors of the Mountain”), Jean des Forets at Petit Film (“Cold Water of the Sea”), Pandora Filmproduktion’s Christoph Friedel (“Medianeras”) and Michel Ruben at Colombia’s Dynamo (“Blind Alley”).

Puentes runs Nov.22-24.