Sean Penn’s J/P Haitian Relief Organization has received $2.25 million in funds to provide housing by the government of Haiti through a grant by IDA — the World Bank’s financing facility for poor countries.

The J/P Haitian Relief Organization said Thursday that it will lead a consortium of seven international organizations in implementing the program, dubbed Helping People Home and aimed at providing rental subsidies and new permanent housing construction, as well as repair for existing houses. The financing is part of a $95 million neighborhood upgrading and housing reconstruction program financed by the World Bank and the Haiti Reconstruction Fund.

“We believe this grant marks an important step in the rebuilding of Haiti,” Penn said in a statement. “To have the Haitian government, with the finance from the IDA grant, select J/P HRO to participate in this program is a testament to the determination of our staff, our volunteers, and supporters. Together, we will persist until the hundreds of thousands still displaced are safely home.”

The org said the funds are aimed at relocating 550 families.