Even though he and his co-star Nick Frost are used to collaborating with helmer Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg said he was happy to have Greg Mottola on board for their latest, Universal’s “Paul.”

“It was a really easy transition for us,” Pegg said at Tuesday’s Chinese preem, “and Greg was very much into the idea of this take on the alien movie. He was a kindred spirit of sorts.”

At the Tropicana after-party, Wright chatted with Bill Hader and Seth Rogen, who’s the voice of Paul, and added how much he really enjoyed the sci-fi comedy.

Still, Mottola felt some unease trying to fill Wright’s shoes.

“It was a little intimidating at first when I first came on board,” Mottola said. “Once we started going, they really welcomed me in, like I was one of the family, and made it that much easier to make the movie.”