Par buys untitled teen ghost pic

'Sons of Anarchy' scribe Misha Green to pen untitled project

Paramount’s new acquisition of an untitled teen ghost pitch from “Sons of Anarchy” scribe Misha Green reads like a game of six degrees of separation amongst the project’s creative leadership.

“I am Legend” helmer Francis Lawrence will direct the pic, with Erwin Stoff producing for 3Arts along with Tim Kring. Kring created and produced “Heroes,” for which Green also wrote, and Fox’s midseason drama “Touch,” the pilot for which Lawrence directed.

Movie will tell the story of a young man who, following a near-death experience, sees into a ghostly afterlife reality that helps him solve a haunting community mystery.

Stoff, who sold the project to Paramount and put the package together, had talked to Lawrence for several years about doing a ghost-themed teen pic and credits Kring for moving the project forward. (Kring has experience with ghostly presences, having co-exec produced the series “Providence”).

Untitled project won’t be star-dependent, and most of the leads are in their teens.

Lawrence, who has also directed “Water for Elephants” and supernatual Keanu Reeves starrer “Constantine,” is represented by CAA and 3Arts. Kring is repped by WME and 3Arts while Green is repped by CAA.