MGM’s in talks with Brazilian director Jose Padilha to helm a reboot of its “Robocop” franchise.

The move’s part of MGM’s re-emergence as a player in market in wake of emerging from its pre-packaged bankruptcy late last year with a $500 million cash infusion.

Padilha’s credits include the documentary “Bus 174,” ” Tropa de Elite” (“Elite Squad”), which won a Golden Bear award at the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival, and “Trope de Elite 2.” His film “Secrets of the Tribe” premiered at Sundance last year.

“Robocop” had been fast-tracked three years ago as the first potential tentpole to come together under Mary Parent’s regime, with director Darren Aronofsky attached at one point. Phoenix Pictures’ Mike Medavoy, who produced the original film for Orion in 1987 with Paul Verhoeven directing, remains on board as producer alongside Arnold Messer, Brad Fischer and David Thwaites.

MGM announced two weeks ago that it’s come on board to co-finance “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters” with Paraomount. In early January, MGM swapped international distribution on “The Hobbit” with Warner Bros. in exchange for Warners picking up its share of production costs.

Padilha’s repped by CAA.