Oscilloscope likes it ‘Dark’

Documentary to see theatrical re-release

“Dark Days,” Marc Singer’s 2000 documentary chronicling the lives of New Yorkers who live in the city’s subway system, has a new home at Oscilloscope Laboratories and will receive a theatrical release this summer after a full re-mastering.

Singer, who held the rights to the film, reached out to Oscilloscope chief and close friend Adam Yauch, who quickly agreed to pick up the doc.

In addition to a New York theatrical release in June or July, the re-mastered “Dark Days” will be distributed on DVD and digital platforms in early July, according to Oscilloscope partner David Fenkel. “People are going to want to watch it and re-discover it,” Fenkel said from Sundance, where “Dark Days” won three awards in 2000, including the Audience Award. “It’s fun to bring it back into the conversation.”

Fenkel said that “Dark Days” would play museums, schools and art houses in addition to its New York run.

“Dark Days” grossed a little more than $400,000 on its initial release 10 years ago.

Singer lived in the subway system with his subjects for over two years while filming the pic.