Mt. Olympus is not for redheads

UNICEF ball took place Thursday night

Transformed into a candlelit winter wonderland, the Beverly Wilshire was the site of the UNICEF ball Thursday night.

In his introduction of Irena, Nick and Mike Medavoy, Sean Penn called out a few of his fellow presenters.

“I say this every time I come to these things, but the timing is a little bassackwards,” Penn said of handing out awards, “because they really should do these things before they serve the alcohol. But in this case I feel liberated because Dennis Quaid and Brooklyn Decker will be up here soon and they’re sauced.”

Mike Medavoy shared his excitement at receiving the Danny Kaye Award. “He was like me, a redhead,” he began. “For us, this group, unless you’re living in Ireland or unless you know Greek history in which redheads were thrown off of Mt. Olympus when they were born, is a small group.”

Lionel Richie performed for a crowd that included Quincy Jones, Megan Mullally, Kate Walsh, Matthew Morrison, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell.