Morgan Creek Prods. has come aboard to co-finance production of Universal’s upcoming reboot of “The Thing.”

The agreement unveiled Monday provides that the pic will be co-distributed internationally by the two companies.

U will distribute “The Thing” in some international territories on Morgan Creek’s behalf and retain distribution rights in the majority of the world while Morgan Creek will distribute through its network of partners in the remainder. The companies did not specify which territories each would handle.

Universal is releasing “The Thing” in the U.S. on Oct. 14.

Universal currently distributes Morgan Creek’s productions in the U.S., including “Dream House,” directed by Jim Sheridan and due out Sept. 30. Morgan Creek is also in pre-production on a Tupac Shakur biopic.

The new version of “The Thing” has been developed as a prelude to John Carpenter’s film of the same name and is set in Antarctica at a remote outpost where scientists discover a shape-shifting alien creature. (Carpenter movie’s was a remake of 1951 sci-fi classic “The Thing From Another World.”) Pic’s directed by Matthijs van Heijningen and produced by Strike Entertainment’s Marc Abraham and Eric Newman.