HUELVA, Spain — Colombia’s Carlos Moreno, director of Sundance Fest players “Dog Eat Dog” and “All You Dead Ones,” is attached to direct “Lost Wolves.”

Diego Ramirez, Moreno’s longtime producer, will produce via 64A Films, his Bogota and Cali-based shingle.

Moreno will work off a screenplay currently being written by actor-artist Harold De Vasten, co-star of both “Dog” and “Dead Ones.”

RCN Cine, the film division of broadcaster RCN, will co-finance, taking Colombian broadcast rights on “Wolves” as part of a three-pic agreement that also takes in “180 Seconds” and “La Caceria.”

A romantic thriller with touches of black comedy and echoes of a Western — a typical genre mix for a Moreno movie — “Wolves” turns on two hit-men — a vet and a teen — dispatched for a job, who suffer a terrible car accident, are cared for by local villagers and discover human values — solidarity, compassion, even love — alien to them.

But they still have a target — a human rights lawyer — to kill.

De Vasten will play Ulysses, the older hit-man.

“For the first time a Carlos Moreno film will present real love interests,” Ramirez told Variety.

“The film explores what the older hit-man could have become and the younger can still be, if they hadn’t become hired assassins.”

Set near the ocean, the village will have a “sexier, if upscale, paradisiacal look than the locations of ‘Dead Ones.’ We want to push the production values, the cinematography a lot,” Ramirez added.

“‘Wolves’ is set in Santa Marta, a remote paradise. The vivid-colored landscape will be a very important part of the film. With Carlos Moreno, nothing is coincidence,” said Maja Zimmermann, now 64A’s exec producer of international projects, who presented “Wolves” at Huelva.

She will rep 64A Films abroad and offer 64A services on international productions in Colombia, while still producing her own projects.

Moreno is also attached to the Dynamo-produced “Que viva la musica!” and “Aguas negras,” set up at France’s Full House.