The Montreal World Film Festival unveiled its slate of 383 films from 70 countries Tuesday, including opener “Coteau Rouge,” Quebec helmer Andre Forcier’s offbeat family drama, which world preems in the 20-feature World Competition.

Event will see the unspooling of several features from returning directors, including Eran Riklis’ Danny Huston starrer “Playoff,” Demian Fuica’s gambling drama “La Run,” Andrey Smirnov’s Bolshevik Revolution-set “The Day of Wrath,” Geoffrey Enthoven’s unorthodox sexcapade “Come as You Are,” Emmanuel Mouret’s clash of romance and morality, “The Art of Love,” Takahisa Zeze’s story of emotional healing, “Life Back Then,” and Masato Harada’s “Chronicle of My Mother.”

Germany has three pics in competition: Sebastian Grobler’s “Lessons of a Dream,” about an unconventional teacher at a 19th-century Prussian school; Brigitte Maria Bertele’s “The Fire,” about the aftermath of a woman’s assault; and “A Family of Three,” Pia Strietmann’s feature bow.

Competition also screens two Polish pics exploring Solidarity’s legacy — Rafael Lewandowski’s “The Mole” and Antoni Krauze’s “Black Thursday” — plus Italy’s “What a Beautiful Day,” Gennaro Nunziante’s politically incorrect comedy, and Giuseppe Gagliardi’s boxing-as-redemption tale “Tatanka.”

Rounding out the competition are Max Lemcke’s condo development chiller “Five Square Meters”; Vicente Amorim’s post-WWII story of Japanese immigrants in Brazil, “Dirty Hearts”; U.S. helmer Joel Fendelman’s feature bow about a teen friendship across religious lines, “David”; Bahram Tavakoli’s “Here Without Me,” resetting “The Glass Menagerie” to modern Iran, and Zhao Tianyu’s love trilogy, “The Law of Attraction.”

Some 26 pics from 21 countries will vie for the prize in the First Film Competition. Montreal will screen 16 titles from notable international directors in its Out of Competition program. The sprawling Focus on World Cinema includes 73 features (including four Canadian pics) and Documentaries of the World presents 40 features. Fest also hosts several retros, including two nights of forgotten French and American classics programmed by French director Bertrand Tavernier. MWFF runs Aug. 18-28.

Montreal Film Festival, Lineup

First Films World Competition

“The Education,” Dirk Lutter (Germany)

“Less Modern Times,” Simon Franco (Argentina/Chile)

“The Finger,” Sergio Teubal (Argentina/Mexico)

“Here I Am,” Beck Cole (Australia)

“Living Afterwards,” Géraldine Doignon (Belgium)

“North Sea, Texas,” Bavo Defurne (Belgium)

“She’s Not Crying, She’s Singing,” Philippe De Pierpont (Belgium/France/Luxembourg)

“Brutalbox,” Oscar Rojo (Spain)

“17 Girls,” Delphine Coulin & Muriel Coulin (France)

“A Butterfly Kiss,” Karine Silla (France)

“Let My People Go!” Mikael Buch (France)

“The Maiden Danced to Death,” Endre Hules (Hungary/Canada/Slovenia)

“The Dead Sea,” Leena Manimekalai (India)

“Escort in Love,” Massimiliano Bruno (Italy)

“Donkeys,” Odin Salazar Flores (Mexico)

“Between Us,” Patricia Martinez De Velasco (Mexico)

“Fear of Falling,” Bartosz Konopka (Poland)

“The Phantom Father,” Lucian Georgescu (Romania)

“In Our Name,” Brian Welsh (U.K.)

“Eliminate: Archie Cookson,” Rob Holder (U.K.)

“House of the Wind,” Viatcheslav Zlatopolski (Russia)

“Bloody Boys,” Shaker K. Tahrer (Sweden)

“Body,” Mustafa Nuri (Turkey)

“September,” Cemil Agacikoglu (Turkey)

“The Passage,” Roberto Minervini (Usa/Belgium/Italy)

“Eternal Ashes,” Margarita Cadenas (Venezuela/France)

World Greats (Out of Competition)

“Aballay, The Man Without Fear,” Fernando Spiner (Argentina)

“The Star and the Sea,” Li Qiankun Et Xiao Giuyun (China)

“Black Bread,” Agusti Vallaronga (Spain)

“The Conquest,” Xavier Durringer (France)

“The Artist,” Michel Hazanavicius (France)

“What Love Will Bring,” Claude Lelouch (France)

“His Mother’s Eyes,” Thierry Klifa (France/Belgium)

“This Is Not a Film,” Jafar Panahi (Iran)

“A Cube Of Sugar,” Reza Mirkarimi (Iran)

“Love & Slaps,” Sergio Castellitto (Italy)

“The Woman of My Life,” Luca Lucini (Italy)

“The Perfect Life,” Lucio Pellegrini (Italy)

“The Jewel,” Andrea Molaioli (Italy/France)

“Siberia Mon Amour,” Slava Ross (Russia)

“Innocent Saturday,” Alexander Mindadze (Russia/Ukraine/Germany)

“Shadow And Faces,” Dervis Zaim (Turkey)

Focus On World Cinema (Features)

“A Million Colours,” Peter Bishai (South Africa/Canada)

“Amnesty,” Bujar Alimani (Albania/Greece/France)

“Above Us Only Sky,” Jan Schomburg (Germany)

“Almanya – Welcome to Germany,” Yasemin Samdereli (Germany)

“Romeos,” Sabine Bernardi (Germany)

“My Prince. My King,” Ciril Braem Tscheligi (Germany)

“Fortress,” Kirsi Marie Liimatainen (Germany)

“The Good Neighbour,” Stephan Rick (Germany)

“Black Butterflies,” Paul Van Der Oest (Germany/Netherlands/South Africa)

“The Water at the End of the World,” Paula Siero (Argentina)

“The Bad Truth,” Miguel Angel Rocca (Argentina/Spain)

“Face to Face,” Michael Rymer (Australia)

“Brand,” Thomas Roth (Austria)

“Only Son,” Miel Van Hoogenbemt (Belgium/Luxembourg/France)

“Tilt,” Victor Chouchkov Jr. (Bulgaria)

“Webdultery,” Charles Wahl (Canada)

“Killing Ruth – the Snuff Dialogues,” Nicholas Kinsey (Canada)

“Dead Dreams,” Josh Koffman (Canada)

“Happy Slapping,” Christos Sourligas (Canada)

“Secrets, Objects,” Young-Mi Lee (South Korea)

“Dance Town,” Jeon Kyu-Hwan (South Korea)

“Ticket to Paradise, Gerardo Chijona (Cuba/Spain)

“Catalunya uber alles!” Ramon Térmens (Spain)

“Cousinhood,” Daniel Sanchez Arévalo (Spain)

“Chinese Take-Away,” Sebastian Borensztein (Spain/Argentina)

“Transgression,” Enric Alberich (Spain/Canada/Italy)

“The Graveyard Keeper’s Daughter,” Katrin Laur (Estonia)

“Garbage Prince,” Raimo O. Niemi (Finland/Norway)

“Bachelor Days Are Over,” Katia Lewkowicz (France)

“The Art of Seduction,” Guy Mazarguil (France)

“The Long Falling,” Martin Provost (France/Belgium)

“Salt White,” Keti Machavariani (Georgia)

“Fish’n Chips,” Elias Demetriou (Grèce/Cyprus)

“Adventure,” Jozsef Sipos (Hongary)

“Colour,” S.M. Raju (India)

“Arena,” Vetri Maaran (India)

“Sound of Heaven,” Ravi Jadhav (India)

“Facing Mirrors,” Negar Azarbayjani (Iran)

“Invisible,” Michal Aviad (Israel/Germany)

“The Slut,” Hagar Ben Asher (Israel/Germany)

“The Flood,” Guy Nattiv (Israel/Canada/France)

“Unlikely Revolutionaries,” Lucio Pellegrini (Italy)

“All At Sea,” Matteo Cerami (Italy)

“On the Way Home,” Emiliano Corapi (Italy)

“School is Over,” Valerio Jalongo (Italy/Switzerland)

“The Flowers of Kirkuk,” Fariborz Kamkari (Italy/Switzerland/Iraq)

“My Wife,” Yukinari Hanawa (Japan)

“Moonlight Mask,” Itsuji Itao (Japan)

“Crazy-Ism,” Shoji Kubota (Japan)

“Transit Cities,” Mohammed Al Hushki (Jordan)

“Huvelin Street,” Mounir Maasri (Lebanon)

“Red Heart,” Halkawt Mustafa (Norway/Iraq)

“Club Zeus,” David Verbeek (Netherlands/China)

“Deadline – The Reign of Impunity,” Joel C. Lamangan (Philippines)

“Heritage,” Andrzej Baranski (Poland)

“América,” Sonia Fritz (Puerto Rico)

“Innocence,” Jan Hrebejk (Czech Republic)

“A Wedding Most Strange,” Trevor Garlick (United Kingdom)

“The Roadside House,” Anton Sivers (Russia)

“She-Monkeys,” Lisa Aschan (Sweden)

“Cornelis,” Amir Chamdin (Sweden)

“Then and Now – Beyond Borders and Differences,” Tata Amaral, Fanny Ardant, Hüseyin Karabey, Masbedo, Jafar Panahi, Idrissa Ouedraogo, Robert Wilson (Switzerland)

“Blowfish,” Chi Y. Lee (Taiwan, China)

“Hayde Bre,” Orhan Oguz (Turkey)

“Merry-Go-Round,” Ilksen Basarir (Turkey)

“Press,” Sedat Yilmaz (Turkey)

“The Sun,” Atilla Cengiz (Turkey)

“How to Cheat,” Amber Sealey (U.S.)

“Fort Mccoy,” Kate Connor & Michael Worth (U.S.)

“A Decent Arrangement,” Sarovar Banka (U.S./India)

“Stranger Things,” Eleanor Burke/Ron Eyal (U.S./U.K.)

“Rumble of the Stones,” Alijandro Bellame (Venezuela)

“The Kid Who Lies,” Marité Ug
as (Venezuela/Peru)

Documentaries of the World

“Grandma, a Thousand Times,” Mahmoud Kaabour (Abu Dhabi/Qatar/Lebanon)

Khodorkovsky,” Cyril Tuschi (Germany)

“Solartaxi,” Erik Schmitt (Germany)

“Taste the Waste,” Valentin Thurn (Germany)

“Rent Boys,” Rosa Von Prauheim (Germany)

“The Real American – Joe Mccarthy,” Lutz Hachmeister (Germany)

“The Kingdom of Survival,” M.A. Littler (Germany)

“Generation Kunduz,” Martin Gerner (Germany/Afghanistan)

“Arranged Happiness,” Daniela Dar-Creutz (Germany/India)

“Uxo-Unexplored Ordnance,” Julia Weingarten (Germany/Vietnam)

“A King for Patagonia,” Lucas N. Turturro (Argentina)

“Tata Cedrón,” Fernando Pérez (Argentina/Spain/France)

“Joe Camilleri: Australia’s Maltese Falcon,” Fiona Cochrane (Australia)

“Ibiza Occident,” Günter Schwaiger (Austria/Spain)

“Epilogue,” Manno Lanssens (Belgium)

“Blinding,” Steve Sanguedolce (Canada)

“A People Uncounted,” Yeger Aaron (Canada)

“Les Pales Du Mal – Parcours Citoyen,” Jean & Serge Gagné (Canada)

“We Ain’t Rich or Famous But We Are Happy Pals,” Jay Bajaj (Canada)

“Behind the Camera,” Bob Mckenna (Canada)

“The Strawberry Tree,” Simone Rapisarda (Canada)

“Qallunaaliaqpallianiq,” Guy Simoneau (Canada)

“The Invisible Red Thread,” Maureen Marovich (Canada)

“In the Wake of the Titanic,” Alain Vézina (Canada)

“They Think I’m Chinese!” Nicole Giguère (Canada)

“Survivre et vivre,” Tomi Grgicevic/Davyd Tousignant (Canada)

“Finding Fidel,” Bay Weyman (Canada/Austria)

“Tin City Voices,” Elijah Marchand (Canada/Guyana)

“Karla’s Arrival,” Koen Suidgeest (Spain/Belgium/U.S.)

“From One Film to Another,” Claude Lelouch (France)

“Tagnawittude,” Rahma Benhamou El-Madani (France/Algeria/Morocco)

“Massage, Cameroon Style,” Josza Anjembe (France/Cameroon)

“Dream Country,” Jihane Chouaib (France/Lebanon)

“Not White – Black,” Konstantin Mindia Esadze (Georgia)

“Will There Be a Theatre There?” Nana Janelidze (Georgia)

“True Gods Have Bones,” Belén Santos & David Alfaro (Guinea-Bissau/Spain)

“Amin,” Shahin Parhami (Iran/Canada/South Korea)

“A Boatload of Irishmen,” Mac-Dara O’curraidhin (Ireland/U.K.)

“Mostar Round Trip,” David Fisher (Israel)

“The Heisei Dilemma,” Jun-Ichi Saito (Japan)

“Agnus Dei: Lamb of God,” Alejandra Sanchez (Mexico/France)

“The Open Sky,” Everardo Gonzalez (Mexico/Salvador)

“Flowers of Zion,” Josu Larunbe/David Moncasi (Mozambique/Spain)

“Calvet,” Dominic Allan (U.K.)

“Africa. Blood and Beauty,” Sergey Yastrzhembskiy (Russia/France)

“Nicky’s Family,” Matej Minac (Slovakia/Czech Republic)

“Love During Wartime,” Gabriella Bier (Sweden)

“Bitter Taste of Freedom,” Marina Goldovskaya (Sweden/Russia)

“Marcel Ophuls and Jean-Luc Godard,” Frédéric Choffat/Vincent Lowry (Switzerland)

“When the Drum is Beating,” Whitney Dow (U.S./Haiti)

“The Rescuers,” Michael King (U.S./Rwanda)

“The Marriage,” Aldo Garay (Uruguay/Argentina)

“The Mystery of the Lagoons,” Atahualpa Lichy (Venezuela)