Moms who ‘Need to Talk’

Swinton starrer preems at Writers Guild Theater

Tilda Swinton plays a mom whose son goes on a killing spree in Oscilloscope’s “We Need to Talk About Kevin.” At Thursday’s L.A. preem at the Writers Guild Theater, the actress took the philosophical route on the question of parental responsibility.

“Mothers will always get blamed for everything and mothers will blame themselves for everything. ‘Plus ca change,’ as the French say,” said Swinton.

Even before the screening, there was a lot of Oscar buzz surrounding Swinton, as well as “Kevin” helmer Lynne Ramsey and scribe Rory Kinnear. Surprisingly, guest Seth Rogen admitted he rarely tunes in for the kudocast.

“I watched last year just because I’m friends with James Franco and that’s the first time in a long time I’d watched,” said Rogen. “Everyone said it wasn’t that great but I had nothing to compare it to, so I thought it was pretty funny.”

The party continued at the Hotel Bel Air, where Dita Von Teese chatted with Marilyn Manson.