Mildred Wolf, one of the last surviving silent film accompanists from the era before talkies, died of natural causes in West Los Angeles on Sunday, June 5, one day after her 101st birthday.

Born in Minneapolis, she studied the craft of cinematic organ with Lawrence Morton, later the founder of Los Angeles’ renowned Monday Evening Concerts in the 1950s. In 1926 she accompanied silent films on the grand Wurlitzer Theater Organ in Minneapolis but was soon retired by the arrival of talking pictures.

In 1933 she married pioneer record producer and entrepreneur Charles Bernstein Sr., who passed away in 1952, then remarried and survived her second husband, financial executive Julius R. Wolf of Los Angeles.

Wolf continued to live independently and play music into her final year.

She is survived by a son, film composer Charles Bernstein, and his wife, Georgianne; a daughter, Carol Auslander; three grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren