Mickey Rourke was in top form Monday for the preem of Relativity Media’s “Immortals” at L.A. Live. He started with nothing but praise for co-star Henry Cavill.

“Henry’s very serious about it all. He was very focused and got himself in great shape,” Rourke said. “He’s a regular, hard-working guy who I think is going to take the opportunity that he’s been given. Where he goes is up to him. Anybody can be a movie star for five minutes but let’s talk to you 25 years later and see what you’re made out of. All the really good young actors these days are coming out of the U.K. and Australia, and who do we got? Shia LaBeouf and Ryan Gosling?”

Rourke, who recently played the baddie in “Iron Man 2,” also discussed the downside of ceding the screen to the hero.

“It’s a continuous fight when you play these kind of roles, because Lord knows the bad guy can’t be more intelligent or interesting than the good guy,” he continued. “The villain is usually written in a one-dimensional kind of way with no layers. They bring a guy like me in to make choices, but I lost the battle with ‘Iron Man’ because most of my performance ended up on the floor.”

Helmer Tarsem Singh doesn’t feel much pressure to deliver a box office hit. “I just want to make sure my DNA is in the film,” he said.

But the pressure is on regardless.

“Tarsem better come through for us,” joked Relativity’s Tucker Tooley, who added, “It was clear right away that Cavill was the right guy for the role… and for Superman, apparently.”

P.S. to Rourke: Gosling is Canadian.