Gotham’s Anthology Film Archives and the UCLA Film Archives will partner to present a retrospective of films by Nina Menkes this spring.

Her latest pic, 2010’s “Dissolution,” will play throughout the retrospective week in New York, in addition to older works.

Experimental filmmaking stalwart Menkes, who has made six features, has established a rep for controlling all elements of production, serving as producer, writer, director and editor. She has collaborated on several projects with sister Tinka Menkes as lead actress.

Menkes’ first feature was 1986’s “Magdalena Viraga,” about an L.A. prostitute incarcerated for murdering her pimp. Other pics include Sundance alum “Queen of Diamonds” (1991), “The Bloody Child” (1996) and “Phantom Love” (2007).

“Dissolution,” filmed in black and white in Tel Aviv, is loosely based on Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment.” Israeli musician and philosopher David Fire stars.

Menkes’ next movie, “Heatstroke,” will be filmed in Cairo and L.A., with Gus Van Sant onboard as exec producer.

Bicoastal retrospective is set for March, with exact dates and lineups to set.