Martians and a lot of young Hollywood landed at El Capitan Sunday for the premiere of Disney’s “Mars Needs Moms.”

Seth Green, who plays the role of youngster Milo, said that working in the motion-capture was a unique experience. “The best thing is that you have all these other actors who are there for you. We all just look in each other’s eyes and make it real … I’m a 9-year-old, you’re my mom, we’re on Mars.”

Green pointed out that while he plays Milo, it’s young Seth Dusky who does the voice. “It’s this amazing thing where so many people have come together to create one character – me, Seth, the animators.”

The real Milo was there to enjoy the festivities with his dad, Berkeley Breathed, who wrote the book on which the 3D toon is based. If he had been on the set, Milo would have liked to try “all that bouncing” that they do on Mars.

Breathed was impressed with how the filmmakers turned his 38-page children’s picture book into a full-length film. “I knew they had to blow up that story in an unpredictable way. They have every beat of the book in there. They blew it up without losing sight of the small moments. Made me cry and it’s fourth time I’ve seen it.”

Others taking in the broccoli-free, alien atmosphere at the Highlands after-party included producers Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey; Disney’s Rich Ross; helmer-scribe Simon Wells with co-scribe Wendy Wells; and pic’s Dan Fogler, Mindy Sterling and Elisabeth Harnois.