M-Appeal takes ‘Hermano’

Pic was much sought after at Ventana Sur

MADRID — Berlin-based M-Appeal has taken international rights to Venezuela foreign-language Oscar candidate “Hermano” (Brother).

One of the most chased-after titles at Ventana Sur, the Latin American film mart that unspooled in December, “Brother” has already been sold by its production house, Caracas’ A&B Producciones, to Music Box Films for U.S. distribution.

Marcel Rasquin’s directorial debut was a best pic winner at 2010’s Moscow and Huelva fests.

A social issue/aspirational drama and wider-audience arthouse film, Caracas mean streets tale of two bros’ soccer dreams, which come into building conflict with a local crime syndicate, received around 15 offers of interest from sales agents, said A&B’s Juan Antonio Diaz.

” ‘Brother’ has everything which can make a film work in cinema and it can also work extremely well indeed on TV, which opens up another way of recouping or more on investment,” said M-Appeal managing director Maren Kroymann.

Launched in 2008, M-Appeal has a significant Latin American presence in its lineup: the sales slate features Oscar Ruiz Navia’s “Crab Trap,” Colombia’s Oscar contender, and “The Last Summer of La Boyita,” which was helmed by Argentina’s Julia Solomonoff and was co-produced by the Almodovar brothers.

Spain, Colombia and Ecuador are in negotiation on “Brother,” Kroymann said, who will initate M-Appeal’s sales campaign on “Brother” at Berlin.