‘Love’ child du jour

'Marriage' premieres at the Pacific Design Center

The “Love Wedding Marriage” premiere took a topical turn at Thursday’s preem at the Pacific Design Center.

In the film, Richard Reid plays a hidden love child. Comparisons to the Governator’s recent revelations were unavoidable, though Reid says his character had a bit of an easier time.

“I wasn’t hidden in a house for 10 years or whatever it was,” he joked.

IFC’s romantic comedy also stars Mandy Moore (who was sick and didn’t show), Kellan Lutz, Josh Brolin, Jane Seymour and Jessica Szohr. Seymour plays Moore and Szohr’s mother — a familiar role. “I’m at crazy mother stage right now. It’s either cougar or crazy mother,” Seymour revealed at the Beverly afterparty.

“Love” is Dermot Mulroney’s directorial debut. With “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” “The Wedding Date” and now “Love,” he has become quite the nuptials expert. What has he learned?

“To try not to look like such a candy ass,” he said.

But Lutz seems to think the “candy ass” approach works. “Girls will say one thing, but deep down they want to be chased after,” he said. “They want to be the princess, and they don’t want you to give up.”