In a rare move, Copenhagen and New York-based LevelK has sold “Lost in Africa” for theatrical distribution in east and west Africa — a part of the world where exhibition has been all but destroyed by civil war, economic collapse, corruption and piracy.

The Danish-Kenyan co-production, directed and written by Vibeke Muasya, will unspool in July.

The film features a large number of Kenyan actors in major roles — also rare in a film about Africa.

It focuses on an 11-year-old (Simon Lougue Larsen) who is taken on a trip to his native Kenya by his adopted Danish mother (Connie Nielsen). The boy gets lost in a shanty town and must call on new friends for help after he becomes a target for hunters who want to claim the reward for his return.

“I’m proud to give Kenya a world movie with such a large number of East African talents, financed internationally,” Muasya said.

“Lost in Africa,” which opened in Denmark in October, was produced by Denmark’s SF Film Prods and Windelov Prods.