Mimran Schur Pictures and Lionsgate disclosed they are partnering to co-finance a slate of films — including the about-to-be-released “Warrior” and the upcoming “Rapturepalooza.”

Production company and Lionsgate made the announcement Tuesday, three days befor the minimajor opens “Warrior,” which began shooting over two years ago.

The companies also said they are discussing other production collaborations in which banner toppers David Mimran and Jordan Schur would maintain key roles in the creative and marketing process. They did not name specific productions.

Lionsgate held sneak previews Sunday of “Warrior,” starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as two estranged brothers with Gavin O’Connor directing.

“Rapturepalooza,” produced as part of Lionsgate’s microbudget films initiative, stars Craig Robinson, Anna Kendrick, Ken Jeong in a comedic look at life after a religious apocalypse. It’s in post production.

“This partnership is an important step in the evolution of our company,” Schur said in a statement.

Lionsgate co-COO and Motion Picture Group president Joe Drake said, “This relationship holds a lot of value and promise for both Lionsgate and our friends at Mimran Scur, and we look forward to exploring further finance and production options with them for films on both of our slates.”

Mimran Schur was formed in 2009 and has also produced psychological thriller “Stone,” which was released by Overture, and “Henry’s Crime,” released by Moving Pictures. “Stone” grossed $1.8 million in limited release that had 125 locations as its widest point; “Henry’s Crime” took in $102,541 with eight locations at its widest.