For the Manhattan premiere of “Limitless,” Robert De Niro barreled through the red carpet line without stopping. On his way into the Regal Union Square theater, he did answer the reporter’s question “Can I get a quote?”

“Good luck!” he replied.

The Relativity Media thriller charts how a “smart drug” transforms Bradley Cooper from schlubby to powerful, and attendees at the event — De Niro excluded — weighed in on what wonders they’d like to experience from a miracle pill.

“Learn as many languages and dialects as I could,” said Cooper. “And I have all these instruments around my house; I’d learn to play those.”

Co-star Abbie Cornish said, “I would probably learn Spanish for my Mexican movie ‘The Girl.’ Or play the harp.”

Guest Richard Branson was the most detailed in his response. “I would rather you wouldn’t tell anybody but when I was 18 I actually discovered this pill and have had the most incredible life ever since. I told Virgin producers about it and they thought they could make a fictional film of it. It’s been great, going around the world, going into space, starting airlines, record companies, film companies. If you like I’ll slip you a little,” he offered at the Buddakan afterparty. — Stephen Schaeffer