Liedtke & Larsen: Bringing the ‘young’ to PYE

Youth Impact Report 2011: Prime Percenters

Impact: Principato Young bought over the two power players to cement a place in the young-actor space.
Next: Liedtke’s roster includes Joel Courtney (“Super 8”) and Celine Buckens (“War Horse”). Larsen reps Ross Lynch, star of Disney Channel’s “Austin and Ally.”
Causes: Liedtke assists local schools and the Komen breast cancer walk; Larsen advises Shailene Woodley’s All It Takes nonprofit.

Those looking for signs of vitality in the youth talent arena need look no further than new players angling for a foothold in the space. This year, management-production firm Principato Young Entertainment muscled up in a major way, hiring Elements Entertainment founder Nils Larsen and WME’s star youth agent, Bonnie Liedtke.

According to Liedtke, the market is “sizzling hot” these days, and there’s not an agent in town who doesn’t have youth talent. In making the move to PYE, Liedtke leaves Thor Bradwell behind to work with Larsen, a well-respected youth manager in his own right.

“Nils has so much energy, and it’s fun to be teamed with someone that’s happy to be here,” she says.

As an agent, Liedtke helped build the careers of Leonardo DiCaprio, Hilary Swank and Zac Efron. Now, she eventually hopes to produce for clients, putting together projects that would best suit them.

“My roster is incredibly small compared to being an agent, but now I can have strong opinions on actual projects and materials, to kind of steer a client’s career — I want to find more ‘Gilbert Grapes’ in the world,” Liedtke says.

Larsen knew he wanted to work with actors at the age of 8, helping persuade his parents to move to Los Angeles from Arizona. He was 23 when he set up Elements.

“I’m a firm believer in letting youth enjoy their youth,” he says. “You are only young once. I would rather have a kid miss out on an opportunity than skip a two-week camping trip.”