PARIS — French producer Thomas Langmann has won his lawsuit against Pathe concerning the rights to Dany Boon’s hit comedy “Nothing to Declare.”

A Paris court has ordered Pathe, which co-produced and distributed the film, to pay Langmann and his brother Darius 30% of the film profits up to Euros 12 million ($16.1 million).

Langmann filed the lawsuit two years ago, claiming that Pathe had not respected the agreement signed between his late father, producer Claude Berri, Boon and Pathe’s co-prexy Jerome Seydoux.

The deal allowed Berri’s shingle La Petite Reine to produce Boon’s first two films, “La Maison du Bonheur” and “Welcome to the Sticks,” with Pathe, and gave him a first-look on Boon’s third film, “Nothing to Declare.”

But as Berri died in 2009, before Boon started developing “Nothing to Declare,” Pathe claimed that it was the pic’s sole rights holder, and failed to take Boon’s previous agreement with Berri into account.

“Nothing to Declare” has grossed $66.2 million in France since its release in February.