PRAGUE — Serbia’s fourth Kustendorf Film Festival honored some of Europe’s most promising future directors as it wrapped Tuesday evening in the rustic mountain setting of Mokra Gora.

“The Chance,” a comic short by Russian student helmer Sonja Karpunina, took the Golden Egg prize, while Poland’s Julia Kolberger won silver for her film on the complications of emigrating West, “I’ll Be Gone Tomorrow.”

Bronze went to Serbia’s Ognjen Isailovic for a study in the pressure to succeed, “Golden League.”

Aspiring filmmakers were fired up earlier in the day by Mexican thesp/helmer Gael Garcia Bernal’s tales of his country’s 1910 revolution and the more recent one among its new generation of directors.

“People are not asking permission to make movies,” he told auds at his screening of the anthology pic “Revolucion,” in which varied Latino directors interpret what the popular uprising means today.

The fest was founded by helmer Emir Kusturica and unspools in a village he had built in the mountains 125 miles southwest of Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, for his 2004 film “Life Is a Miracle.”