‘King’s Speech’ gets PG-13 for re-release

Weinstein pic submitted alternative version after R-rating

An edited version of “The King’s Speech” has earned a PG-13 rating from The Classification and Rating Administration, the org announced today.

The Weinstein Company submitted the alternate version after the film received an “R” for colorful language last year.

The MPAA and the National Association of Theater Owners also waved a CARA rule requiring the 90-day withdrawal of a film from theaters before replacing it with an edited version, a request from TWC.

“The movie rating system has endured for more than 40 years because it was designed to evolve not only with societal values, but with the growth and evolution of the motion picture industry itself,” said MPAA President and Interim CEO Bob Pisano. “The Weinstein Company has undertaken a commitment to ensure, through a revised advertising campaign, that it will be clear to consumers that a newly rated version of this film is coming to theaters near them. In this case a waiver is justified.”

The ratings board sparked controversy after assigning the “R” rating to “Speech” because of one particularly colorful string of “fucks” uttered by star Colin Firth.