Kevin Arkadie to write Larry Davis biopic

Epoch will produce South Bronx crime story

Epoch Motion Pictures has signed veteran TV crime writer/producer Kevin Arcadie to pen the biopic of Larry Davis, the South Bronx folk hero who survived a shootout with 30 police officers, wounding six before his escape touched off a 17-day manhunt.

Saturday is the 25-year anniversary of the saga that began when authorities raided the apartment of Davis’s sister, ostensibly to question him about the killing of four suspected drug dealers. He escaped in a hail of gunfire, wounding six officers and evading police for more than two weeks before he was cornered and surrendered.

Davis’s defense attorneys argued that the initial raid was staged to murder him because of he knew about corrupt police in the drug business. He was acquitted of attempted murder in the shootout, cleared in the deaths of the drug dealers but found guilty in a later murder case and stabbed to death in prison in 2008.

Arcadie, whose numerous writing and producing credits include “NYPD Blue” and “The Shield,” will adapt the story for Epoch, whose chairman and executive producer Anderson Vilien acquired the life rights earlier this year.

“We feel there’s no one else that understands the subtleties and nuances of this project more than Kevin. He helped usher urban culture into the mainstream as writer/creator of New York Undercover and his 20+ year career is testament to his ability to capture the inner-city experience,” Vilien said.

Producers are targeting a summer 2012 shoot in the South Bronx.