It was a family affair Monday night at Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts. Angelina Jolie, accompanied by Brad Pitt, her brother and his parents saw “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” the actress’ writing-directing debut.

“I hope it makes people think about these universal conflicts around the world,” Jolie said of the FilmDistrict release. A benefit for Women for Women Intl., “Land” was hosted by Christiane Amanpour and the Council for Foreign Relations. “My passion was to get a great education in Bosnia and somehow it led to this film,” Jolie said. “I met the people from the region and I just followed their lead. I didn’t have to teach these people what it was like to live through war, they had to teach me.”

According to guest Julian Schnabel, Jolie made “a ballsy, important movie. It says that we have to be human beings and it’s bigger than the issue about Bosnia and Serbia. It’s about women’s rights and women being casualties of wars that men put on. It also shows Muslim people as victims and not terrorists.”

Also at the preem were cast members who filmed two versions, English and Bosnian.