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It’s the scene they’ll be talking about: In “Pariah,” the teenage African-American heroine straps on a white dildo and asks her friend why she couldn’t have gotten her a color-coordinated black one instead.

“It was more fascinating than anything,” star Adepero Oduye said of the sex toy. “I had never seen one before and if it weren’t for this movie, I most likely still would not have seen one.”

Oduye is 33, but in the Focus Features pic she plays a 17-year-old coming to terms with her sexual identity.

“I remember being on set and wearing the dildo and thinking, ‘I should feel embarrassed by this,’ but for some reason I wasn’t,” the thesp said at pic’s Thursday premiere at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. “If I were younger, I would have been totally mortified.”

Beyond producing a moment of levity in the pic, writer-helmer Dee Rees said the use of a white contraption as opposed to a black one was a very strategic move.

“You have seen the coming of age (story) from a white male perspective for so long, so I thought, ‘Of course, the first time a young black woman tries to actualize her sexuality, it’s through a white male perspective.’ “