“Indiana Jones” buds Steven Spielberg and George Lucas walked the Ziegfeld’s red carpet Sunday night for Paramount’s “The Adventures of Tintin.”

But they differed dramatically on whether the globe-trotting redhead is a 14-year-old version of their swashbuckling professor.

“Yes, he is,” Lucas said. “That’s how it got started. We were doing ‘Indiana Jones’ and show business chronicles said, ‘Tintin is Indiana Jones,’ so I just bought the rights to it.”

“Not at all. Not even close,” Spielberg said. “They have different occupations, different personalities, they have different moralities and are completely different stories. Their only similarities is they’re fast-paced stories, they’re ‘rides’ and you have to put on your seatbelts, and also they have to look for clues. But that’s true for all adventure movies.”

As to why it took more than 25 years to get “Tintin” onscreen, Spielberg explained he could never get a script he liked — until 2001. “I went and got English writers who grew up with ‘Tintin’ and knew ‘Tintin’ better than I did,” he said.