ROME — Italian sales company Intramovies and Spanish distributor Sherlock Films have inked a multipic deal which will see eight-10 Italo titles screened theatrically in Spain and promoted there by both countries.

Headed by Enrique Perez, Sherlock Films is a Madrid-based distributor that owns movies theaters in Madrid and Barcelona.

Under the deal, the Italo pics will get a minimum two-week run in Madrid, Barcelona, Santander and Seville, with additional cities under consideration.

The Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid will finance promotional presence of helmers and talent at selected screenings, in an effort to prove that Italian cinema can have increasing commercial appeal for Spanish auds.

Titles include Sergio Rubini’s art-world thriller “At a Glance,” which opened the series in Spain on Nov. 10; Massimo Natale’s coming-of-ager “Martino’s Summer,” to bow there Dec. 2; and Marco Chiarini’s animation/live-action fairytale “The Thin Match-Man,” set for a Spanish launch Dec. 22.

Rome-based Intramovies, headed by Paola Corvino, is a leading Italo sales outfit, which occasionally co-produces with Australia, Spain and Gaul.