Waterstone Entertainment, which recently wrapped “The Stare” with James Franco and Wynona Ryder, has come on board indie horror thriller “Killcam.”

The film, currently in production in Los Angeles, was created by producer and actor April Wade (“Girls! Girls! Girls!”) and Canyon Prince. Wade is producing along with Waterstone’s Jeff Kalligheri with John Darko directing from Spence Griffeth’s script.

Sam Weller, Emily Dykes, Billy Towers, Tracy Clifton and April Wade star.

Story follows a group of students as they willingly agree to participate in a social experiment to explore the effects of dependence on technology and social media — with students isolated from each other and the only way to communicate via social media. However during the experiment, someone has a different agenda in mind as things start to take a turn for the worse.

The producer have been using a “Killcam: Live” preview which allows audiences to interact directly with characters from the movie and influence storylines via video, Facebook, Twitter and online chat.

The online elements have garnered nearly 2 million views since production began on Halloween night.