I’m Tibet and you’re Iran

WIF and TV Broken Glass Awards take place in Palm Springs

Maybe it’s the Palm Springs desert air, but the staid-sounding third annual Palm Springs Women in Film and TV Broken Glass Awards at the Renaissance Hotel on Friday was as raucous as it was uplifting for the 400 guests and honorees.

Presenter Ruta Lee offered a graphic analysis of the stages of life as symbolized by different countries. Beginning with “a woman at 80 is like Tibet; distant, mysterious, full of spirituality and a place that few are willing to go to,” Lee then summed up manhood with “from age one to 70, a man is like Iran; ruled by a prick.”

Motown founder Berry Gordy was on hand to see former Motown exec-producer Suzanne de Passe receive the Broken Glass Award. She’s the one who first told him, “You’ve got to see this family act. They’re called the Jacksons.”