BEIJING — B.O. in Hong Kong rose 11% last year, driven by a strong perf by 3D toon “Toy Story 3” and dominated by Hollywood movies, but local movies “IP Man 2” and “72 Tenants of Prosperity” also made the grade.

Gross revenue rose from HK$1.17 billion ($177 million) in 2009 to $196 million in 2010, according to data from the Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA).

The biggest success of the year was “Toy Story 3,” which took $11.6 million, followed by “Inception” with $7.5 million and “Alice in Wonderland,” which took $5.7 million.

“Ip Man 2” chalked up a creditable $5.59 million, while “72 Tenants of Prosperity” was in sixth place with $4.4 million.

Four of the top 10 movies were 3D movies, and 3D was a big factor this year, said Brian Chung Wai-hung, chief executive of the MPIA.

“Then again, ‘Inception’ wasn’t a 3D movie, and it did well. I think this shows that 3D is not a must, that good story and good acting still works,” he said.

“For 2011 things will be better and better because the economy is good, and films are getting better, not only Hollywood movies but also Hong Kong films and Chinese films. China is investing in Hong Kong films, and they are getting better and bigger B.O.,” said Chung.

There were 286 theatrical releases in 2010, including 54 local productions and 232 foreign movies during the year.