High rise and shine

'Tower Heist' preemed at Manhattan's Ziegfeld

The working-class characters in Universal’s “Tower Heist” might have fit in better at an Occupy Wall Street rally than a tentpole launch.

Giving a nod to Ben Stiller’s building-manager protag, helmer Brett Ratner joked, “Sure, I think he would have been there and been like, ‘We are the 99%!’ ”

After Monday’s preem at Manhattan’s Ziegfeld, guests walked to the party at MoMA. Most of them looked like they belonged to the 1%.

“I think there’s a disproportionate number of people here tonight who might sympathize with the Alan Alda character,” quipped Universal’s Adam Fogelson, referring to the pic’s billionaire bad guy who swindles the pensions of the staff of a luxury high-rise.

In fact, the fete drew more than a smattering of uber-rich like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and music mogul Russell Simmons. Still, producer Brian Grazer said even Hollywood’s highest earners are vulnerable to the disappearing pension.

“It can happen to anyone,” Grazer said. “It can happen to me. My accountant tells me my retirement money is in this bond, that bond, the California state bonds. But I’m wondering if they’re going to go bankrupt.”