The Group Entertainment has tapped scribe Larry Gross to pen the screenplay for “Turbulent Souls,” the film adaptation of Stephen J. Dubner’s memoir.

The “Turbulent Souls” property was optioned by TGE’s Mark Ehrenkranz. Storyline of the film will be based on Dubner’s 1998 book, originally called “Turbulent Souls” and now titled “Choosing My Religion.”

In the memoir, Dubner, a co-writer of “Freakonomics,” recounts his discovery of his family’s Jewish roots after a childhood in which he was raised Catholic. His embrace of the past led to a split with his mother that the archibishop of New York got involved to resolve.

Gross’ screenwriting credits include “48 Hours,” “True Crime” and “We Don’t Live Here Anymore.” Story for “Turbulent Souls” was first adapted by Caitlin Dixon and Ehrenkranz.

TGE includes producers Gill Holland, Ehrenkranz and Scott Kluge.