LONDON — “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” scribe Toni Grisoni and “Senna” helmer Asif Kapadia are among those who have been shortlisted for the next round of Film London’s low-budget Microwave program.

The program, which is also backed by BBC Films and Skillset, has selected 12 feature pic projects to advance in the next round, and will see them all take part in a four-day “boot camp” — Microschool — which kicks off Monday combining seminars and masterclasses focusing on specific micro-budget topics, alongside designated project development.

Each team will be mentored by an established director, writer or producer, such as Pete Travis, Clio Barnard, Ali Clark and Jane Wright, to develop the project and the team.

Following Microschool, the teams will this year be given an extended development period before going in front of the greenlight panel in early 2012.

This year’s shortlist includes:

Produced by Trent Simpson and Ally Gipps; written by Ross Sutherland and Chris Hicks; directed by Kim Albright

Produced by Bruce Robertson; written and directed by Jim Cartwright

“Death of a Pirate”
Produced by Lisa Williams; written and directed by John Hardwick

“Gone Too Far”
Produced by Christopher Granier-Deferre; written by Bola Agbaje; directed by Destiny Ekaragha

Produced by Michael Elliott; written and directed by Tony Grisoni

“Lies Fibs Porkies”
Produced by Jessica Levick; written by Andrew Callister; directed by Samantha Harrie

Produced by Dominic Buchanan; written and directed by Hong Khaou

“Night Haunts”

Produced by Nicole Stott; written and directed by Eva Weber

“Panic Buddy”
Produced by Tom Leggett; written by Duncan Barrett; directed by Robert McKillop

“The Carer”
Produced by Asif Kapadia; written and directed by Victoria Harwood

“The Secret of Jean Baptiste”
Produced by Rob Watson; written by Gabriel Vallejo; directed by Nicole Volavka

“White City”
Produced by Ian Prior; written by Martin Stitt; directed by Aaron Anderson