Warner Bros.’ DC comicbook adaptation ”Green Lantern” is off to a bright start at the domestic box office, with midnight grosses totaling $3.35 million from 1,810 locations.

”Green Lantern,” which is projected to reach between $55 million-$60 million for the weekend, beat ”Thor” in the late-night race, but fell slightly short of ”X-Men: First Class.” ”Thor” scored $3.25 million in midnights; ”First Class,” $3.375.

It’s unclear where ”Green Lantern” will fall this weekend, based on final figures for both pics. ”Thor,” with its $65.7 million debut, wound up doing better than ”First Class,” which tallied $55 million during its opening weekend. (”Green Lantern” could hit the same heights as ”Thor,” given both films are in 3D.)

Warner’s comicbook pic isn’t earning favorable reviews from critics, which could limit the film’s appeal among broader audiences. But fanboy auds likely will still turn out — that is, at least those who didn’t see it at midnight.

”Green Lantern” expands today to 3,816 locations, including 2,711 3D engagements.