“Inception” (Warner Bros.), “Control,” BLT:AV
“Sucker Punch” (Warner Bros.), “Trailer,” Mojo
“The Town” (Warner Bros.), “This Side,” Wild Card
“Unstoppable” (20th Century Fox), “Domestic Trailer,” Ignition Creative

Action TV Spot
“Fast Five” (Universal), “Fast Women,” AV Squad
“I Am Number Four” (Walt Disney/DreamWorks), “Not Alone-Male,” Trailer Park
“Sucker Punch” (Warner Bros.), “Punch It,” mOcean
“The Town” (Warner Bros.), “Alarm Review,” Motive

“Cars 2” (Walt Disney), “Spies Are Us,” mOcean
“Gnomeo and Juliet” (Walt Disney), The Ant Farm
“Hop” (Universal), “Battle For Easter,” Cimarron Entertainment
“Rango” (Paramount), “Teaser,” The Ant FarmAnimation/Family TV Spot
“Hop” (Universal), “Carrot Quiz,” Mojo
“Megamind” (DreamWorks), “Vote for Mega,” Buddha Jones
“Rango” (Paramount), “Behind the Scenes,” The Ant Farm
“Toy Story 3” (Walt Disney), “Biggest Ever/Clothes,” mOcean

“Bad Teacher” (Columbia), “Hot For Teacher,” Seismic Prods.
“The Hangover Part II” (Warner Bros.), “Trailer #3,” BLT:AV
“The Other Guys” (Columbia), “Return to Glory,” Seismic Prods.
“Paul” (Universal), “Trailer,” Workshop Creative

Comedy TV Spot
“Bridesmaids” (Universal), “Celebrate:60,” Workshop Creative
“The Green Hornet” (Sony), “Paradise,” Vibe Creative
“The Other Guys” (Sony), “Work Together,” Seismic Prods.
“Paul” (Universal), “Dessert,” The Ant Farm

“Catfish” (Universal), Mark Woollen & Associates
“Life in a Day” (Scott Free/National Geographic), “Best Day Ever Trailer,” Empire Design
“Running America” (Nehst), Mighty Pictures
“The Tillman Story” (A&EIndieFilms), “Trailer 1,” Zealot Prods.

LaFontaine Award for Voice Over
“Biutiful” (Focus Features), “Intl Trailer,” Mark Woollen & Associates
“Born to Be Wild” (Warner Bros.), “Evolution,” Mob Scene Creative + Prods.
“The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec” (Optimum), “UK Trailer,” The Editpool
“Tangled” (Walt Disney), “Flynn’s Story,” mOcean

“Hereafter” (Warner Bros.), “Connection,” Wild Card
“The King’s Speech” (The Weinstein Co.), AV Squad
“127 Hours” (Fox Searchlight/Pathe), Motive
“The Social Network” (Sony), “Domestic Trailer #2,” Mark Woollen & Associates

Drama TV Spot
“Black Swan” (Fox Searchlight), “Masterpiece,” Create Advertising Group
“The Fighter” (Paramount), “Train,” AV Squad
“The Lincoln Lawyer” (Lionsgate), “Personal,” Mojo
“The Town” (Warner Bros.), “The Crew Review,” Motive

Foreign Action
“Carlos” (Warner Bros.), “German Trailer,” Trailerhaus
“Centurion” (Magnolia Pictures), Kinetic Trailers
“22 Bullets” (EuropaCorp.), “German Trailer,” Trailerhaus
“Valhalla Rising” (IFC Films), “Theatrical Trailer,” Kinetic Trailers

Foreign Comedy
“Potiche” (Music Box Films), “Trailer 1,” Zealot Prods.
“Soul Kitchen” (IFC Films), “Soul Kitchen,” Big Science Film
“Submarine” (The Weinstein Co.), “Trailer 1,” Zealot Prods.
“Wild Target” (Entertainment Films), Create Advertising Group

Foreign Drama
“Empire of Silver” (Neo Classics Films), Big Science Film
“The King’s Speech” (The Weinstein Co.), “Trailer 1,” Zealot Prods.
“Life, Above All” (Sony Pictures Classics), “Theatrical Trailer,” Kinetic Trailers
“Oranges and Sunshine” (Icon Films), “Trailer 1,” Zealot Prods.

Foreign Horror/Thriller
“F” (Optimum), “UK Trailer,” The Editpool
“I Saw the Devil” (Magnet), “Red Band,” AV Squad
“[REC]2” (Filmax) “Red Band,” AV Squad
“Silent House” (IFC Films), “Theatrical Trailer,” Kinetic Trailers

Foreign Romance
“Empire of Silver” (Crystal Clear/Polybona), Big Science Film
“Goethe!” (Warner Bros. Germany), “Main Trailer,” Fleischmann Trailer
“Rosebud” (Monolith Films), “Cinema Trailer,” Trailer and More
“Tequila” (Quality Films), Fix Comunicacion

Foreign TV Spot
“The Disappearance of Alice Creed” (Icon), “15 Sec,” The Solid State
“Gainsbourg” (Optimum), “Journey 30,” The Editpool
“The King’s Speech” (The Weinstein Co.), “Few Words,” Create Advertising Group
“Never Let Me Go” (Fox Searchlight), “Everlasting,” Create Advertising Group

Golden Fleece
“Burlesque” (Screen Gems), “Make A Star,” Seismic Prods.
“Faster” (Sony), “Int’l Trailer B,” Tao Creative
“Stone” (Overture), “Trailer,” In Sync Advertising
“The Tourist” (Sony), “Domestic Trailer,” Create Advertising Group

“Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” (Miramax), “Whisper,” Buddha Jones
“The Last Exorcism” (Lionsgate), Mojo
“Let Me In” (Overture), “More,” Buddha Jones
“The Rite” (Warner Bros.), “Proof,” Aspect Ratio

Horror TV Spot
“The Last Exorcism” (Lionsgate), “Trailer Cutdown,” Mojo
“Priest” (Sony), “Reach Out,” Vibe Creative
“The Rite” (Warner Bros.), “Believe,” AV Squad
“The Rite” (Warner Bros.), “Images,” Buddha Jones

“It’s Kind of a Funny Story” (Focus Features), Big Science Film
“Martha Marcy May Marlene” (Fox Searchlight), “Can’t Wait,” Acme Trailer Co.
“Tree of Life” (Fox Searchlight), Mark Woollen & Associates
“Winter’s Bone” (Anonymous Content/Winter’s Bone Prods.), AV Squad

Independent TV Spot
“Blue Valentine” (The Weinstein Co.), “Mesmerizing,”Zealot Prods.
“Buried” (Lionsgate), “Help (DVD) 30,” The Editpool
“Jane Eyre” (Focus Features), “TV Spot – Escape,” Kinetic Trailers
“The Kids Are All Right” (Focus Features), “We’re All the Same,” Seismic Prods.

“Battle: Los Angeles” (Sony), “Prepare,” Wild Card
“Rabbit Hole” (Lionsgate), “Trailer 1A,” Ignition
“The Social Network” (Sony), “Trailer 2,” Mark Woollen & Associates
“Sucker Punch” (Warner Bros.), “Trailer,” Mojo

Music TV Spot
“Blue Valentine” (The Weinstein Co.), “Honeycomb 20 (DVD),” The Editpool
“The Expendables (Lionsgate), “Attitude,” Fishbowl
“For Colored Girls” (Lionsgate), “I Know Who I Am,” Ignition
“The Green Hornet” (Sony), “Paradise,” Vibe Creative, Inc.

“Battle: Los Angeles” (Sony), “Prepare,” Wild Card
“Buried” (Lionsgate), “Trailer 1A”, Ignition
“The Social Network” (Sony), “Domestic Trailer #2,” Mark Woollen & Associates
“Tree of Life” (Fox Searchlight), Mark Woollen & Associates

Original Foreign
“Drei” (X Verleih), “Main Trailer,” Fleischmann Trailer
“[REC]2” (Filmax) “Red Band,” AV Squad
“Rubber” (Magnolia Pictures), “Greenband Trailer 1,” Zealot Prods.
“Wasted on the Young” (Paramount), “Teaser,” The Solid State

“Beginners” (Focus Features), Mark Woollen & Associates
“Blue Valentine” (The Weinstein Co.), “Trailer 1,” Zealot Prods.
“Love and Other Drugs” (20th Century Fox), “Match Trailer,” Empire Design
“Something Borrowed” (Warner Bros.), “Best Things,” Trailer Park

Romance TV Spot
“Blue Valentine” (The Weinstein Co.), “Mesmerizing,” Zealot Prods.
“Killers” (Lionsgate), “Love-G,” Mojo
“Life As We Know It” (Warner Bros.), “The Love,” Trailer Park
“Something Borrowed” (Warner Bros.), “Best Things,” Trailer Park

Summer 2011 Blockbuster
“Cowboys and Aliens” (Universal/DreamWorks), “Domestic Trailer,” Ignition Creative
“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” (Walt Disney), “Jack”, Create Advertising Group
“Super 8” (Paramount), Mark Woollen & Associates
“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” (Paramount), “Alien Secret,” Wild Card

Summer 2011 BlockbusterTV Spot
“Fast Five” (Universal), “Superbowl,” AV Squad
“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Walt Disney), “Superbowl Captain,” Create Advertising Group
“Thor” (Paramount), “Myth,” AV Squad
“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” (Paramount), “Dark,” Ignition Creative


“Black Swan” (Fox Searchlight), Mark Woollen & Associates
“Buried” (Lionsgate), “Trailer 1A,” Ignition
“Super 8” (Paramount), Mark Woollen & Associates
“Unknown” (Warner Bros.), “Puzzle,” AV Squad

Thriller TV Spot
“Black Swan” (Fox Searchlight), “Pressure,” Mark Woollen & Associates
“Hanna” (Focus Features), “Unknown,” AV Squad
“Limitless” (Relativity), “Movie in a Minute,” Motive
“The Next Three Days” (Lionsgate), “Getting Out,” Mojo

“F” (Optimum), “UK Trailer,” The Editpool
“Hobo With a Shotgun” (Magnet), “Red Band,” AV Squad
“Machete” (Sony), “Machete Int’l Trailer B,” Tao Creative
“Piranha 3D” (Dimension), “2 Million Years,” Buddha Jones

“Crysis 2” (Electronic Arts), “Launch Trailer,” Hammer Creative
“End of Nations” (Trion Worlds), “Backstory Trailer,” The Ant Farm
“Prototype 2” (Radical Ent.), “Maker,” Buddha Jones
“Starcraft II” (Blizzard Ent.), “Prepare,” Mojo

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